What is Divorce Coaching and why you need it

What happened to my marriage?

Who is this person? This is not who I married

Is this abuse? What is verbal and emotional abuse?

Nobody  hears me, do I give an ultimatum?

I can't get divorced. 

What about the kids during the divorce?

How do I get divorced, I have been a stay at home mom/dad?

I can't afford to get divorced.

He/she doesn't hit me but he/she is a good provider.

Maybe he/ she will change.

I'll stick it out for the kids.

I'll wait until the kids are older.

So much paperwork, I don't know where to begin.

and the list goes on with so much overwhelm

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I am thinking of, in the process of or finally divorced, Now What?

Getting Organized for Divorce. Yikes all these papers!

I feel stuck, what do I do? Should I Stay or Should I go? Help I can't think straight!

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COACH, can you help me? Some Relationship and Family Issues to Consider: